Gutter Repairs

Gutter Maintenance | Gutter Repair Service.

It’s important to repair protect and maintain your gutters from the elements, and the change in the weather. even more so for the winter as we never know what the winters going to be like, With regular gutter maintenance & repair.

You can protect and maintain your gutters in many ways this could be anything from having your broken gutter clips replaced, to having sections of your gutter replaced if necessary, White & Bright Cleaning have found that by just simply replacing the joining section works and stops most leaks and drips in your gutters in most cases.

Here is a small example of what it takes to Repair a Wooden Gutter, That had developed leaks and that had started to rot away in a few places, This is what is needed to done to prolong the life of a Wooden Gutter:

Gutter should be prepared for filling. first you need to dry the gutter if needed to absorb the standing water that still may be there, Then you need to identify the problem areas and any others that just may be starting to appear, once happy with the areas that need working on, Then all the rotten areas that need attention need to be cleared of all the rotting wood that’s there, back to a more suitable background that’s hard and free from any other rotting areas, This is so that when the areas are filled with a Good Wood Filler, It does not just fall out again and the filler has something to hold on to when prepared properly.

Gutter Maintenance Gutter Repair Service. Gutter Repair, Maintenance Hull Beverley Areas Now that the gutter has been prepared for filling with a Good Wood Filler! We fill all the areas that have Been cleared out of all there rotting wood, We start by filling the holes with just a bit of filler at a time slowly building it up just so that its flush with the rest of the wood, Sanding it down will help to get the level right after the filler has set.

Gutter Repair, Maintenance Hull, Hedon, Beverley Areas After all the holes have been filled with a Good Wood Filler, and has been sanded down if needed it’s time to protect it for years to come, By painting all the inside of the wooden gutter with a Good Wood Preservative we would recommend your Gutters should be treated with Bitumen, to really make your Wooden Gutters look well Maintained will also make your Gutters least for years to come and protecting them through many winters for many years.